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Welcome to g5, the Internet home of four-call Grandsire Doubles. This site takes a fresh look at the "best and most ingenious Peal that ever was composed to be rang on five bells" (R. Duckworth, writing in Tintinnalogia, 1668).

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The method comprises a listing of the plain course and the set of four calls used in the touches currently listed on this site, the bob, the single, the extreme and the bingle.

Its history presents a brief history of the method, from its discovery in the days of Oliver Cromwell up to the present day.

Touches by length is a collection of interesting touches with an emphasis on the "proper" 240s. It includes 160 different callings for the extent. Touches are listed lead-by-lead using this coding:
 b bob
 s single
 e extreme
 g bingle
 p plain lead

Please enjoy!

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